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In the light of government restrictions and advice concerning coronavirus, members should hold off making arrangements with training providers until the restrictions on gathering in groups of more than two and on non-essential travel have been lifted. Those members who have already arranged courses are advised to contact the provider in question about postponing or cancelling.


The AAC(UK) recognises that climbing, hill and country walking, mountain biking, mountaineering and snow sports are activities with a danger of personal injury or death. Participants in these activities should be aware of and accept these risks, being responsible for their own actions, involvement and safety.
The Club, its officers, Board and Alpine Team members and persons acting on behalf of the Club cannot be held liable for any loss or injury occurring to any participant while taking part in its activities.

Summer Training Opportunities in the UK

AAC(UK) is providing grants for training courses in rock climbing, scrambling and Alpine movement on rock as detailed below. Members with 2 years continuous membership can apply to AAC(UK) for a 33% grant towards the cost of a course, up to the maximum limits indicated below, with a suitable provider in the UK. Higher, 40%, grants are available for young adult members (18-24 yrs old at the time of the course), up to the maximum limits shown below. Members can enquire about grants for other courses, and these will be dealt with case by case.

Members are invited to choose a suitable provider in the UK, which may be one of the national centres of excellence or a smaller provider. Grant amounts are shown for each type of course.  Instructors should be qualified at the appropriate level for the course being offered. The minimum qualification level an instructor should hold is indicated for each of the course types listed below. In order of qualification level: RCI – Rock Climbing Instructor; RCDI – Rock Climbing Development Instructor; MCI – Mountaineering and Climbing Instructor; WMCI – Winter Mountaineering and Climbing Instructor. Members must check themselves that the course provider has first aid qualifications, the appropriate RCI / RCDI / MCI / WMCI qualification and insurance of £3-5 million for public liability and professional indemnity.

Members should complete a UK training award grant application form and send this to the Office.

Introduction to / Discover Rock Climbing

(RCI) 2 days max £70 (max £90 YAs); 5 days max £200 (max £250 YAs)


Improvers’ / Further Rock Climbing

(RCDI) 2 days max £100 (max £125 YAs); 5 days max £240 (max £300 YAs)


Learn to Lead Climb

(RCDI) 2 days max £70 (max £90 YAs); 5 days max £220 (max £275 YAs)


Multi-Pitch Rock Climbing

(MCI) 2 days max £70 (max £90 YAs); 5 days max £220 (max £275 YAs) 


Introduction to / Discover Scrambling

(MCI) 2 days max £65 (max £80 YAs); 5 days max £210 (max £260 YAs)


Improvers’ / Further / Advanced Scrambling

(MCI) 2 days max £125 (max £155 YAs); 5 days max £215 (YAs max £270)


Alpine Climbing Preparation

(MCI) 2 days max £90 (max £110 YAs)

UK Training Award Grants (external providers)

The AAC(UK) offers grants for Training Awards and training offered by external providers.  For example, if you are registered on any MLTE/MLTS programme, you can apply to the AAC(UK) for a grant for training and assessment.  All mountain skills courses are available to members throughout the year with expressions of interest sought from members.

First Aid Training Award Grants for Organisers and Leaders of Club Activities

Grants are available for first aid training for all Club activity organisers and leaders.  The grant is for a 16 hour, 2-day outdoor NGB (National Governing Body) recognised course (e.g. REC, ITC) and is up to a value of £125.

First aid training is required for leaders of overseas tours, and is encouraged for leaders of day walks, leaders of mountain bike rides and UK meet organisers.




[Updated 25 March 2020]

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