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The AAC(UK) recognises that climbing, hill and country walking, mountain biking, mountaineering and snow sports are activities with a danger of personal injury or death. Participants in these activities should be aware of and accept these risks, being responsible for their own actions, involvement and safety.
The Club, its officers, Board and Alpine Team members and persons acting on behalf of the Club cannot be held liable for any loss or injury occurring to any participant while taking part in its activities.

Winter Training Opportunities in the UK

In 2020, AAC(UK) will be providing grants for Winter Mountaineering, Winter Climbing and Snow Sports training through external providers, as detailed below. Courses are run by Glenmore Lodge or Plas y Brenin and for members with 2 years continuous membership are subsidised with grants from AAC(UK). Higher grants are available on some courses for young adult (YAs) members (18-24 yrs old at the time of the course). Members can enquire about grants for other courses, and these will be dealt with case by case.

Members will need to complete a UK training award grant application form and send this to the Office.

The number of grants is strictly limited for each course, and applications will be dealt with on a first come first served basis. Once approval is given, members will need to book their chosen course directly with Glenmore Lodge or Plas y Brenin, choosing dates to suit. After completion of the course, members will receive their grant from the Office (proof of attendance will be required). 

Winter mountaineering and climbing courses in association with Glenmore Lodge and Plas y Brenin

The Alpine Team have identified winter training courses at three levels available through Plas y Brenin or Glenmore Lodge, also winter navigation and avalanche awareness courses at GL, as shown below. AAC(UK) can offer the grants indicated. Members can find detailed information on the Glenmore Lodge (GL) website, and the Plas y Brenin (PyB) website and/or by contacting the AAC(UK) Office.

Winter skills, 5 days – £180 grant (£225 grant YAs)

Glenmore Lodge: Winter Skills (basic or advanced)

Plas-y-Brenin: Scottish Winter Hillwalking


Winter mountaineering, 5 days – £ 200 grant (£250 grant YAs)

Glenmore Lodge: Winter Mountaineering

Plas-y-Brenin: Scottish Winter Mountaineering


Winter climbing, 5 days – £270 grant (£335 grant YAs)

Glenmore Lodge: Winter Climbing or Winter Lead Climbing

Plas-y-Brenin: Scottish Introduction to Winter Climbing


Winter Navigation: Introduction, 1 day – £40 grant (£50 grant YAs)

Glenmore Lodge: An essential course to equip you with knowledge and skills to plan and execute a winter hill walk in reasonable weather and snow conditions.


Avalanche Awareness Level 1&2, 2 days – £80 grant (£100 Grant YAs)

Glenmore Lodge: Level 1: This course is ideal for those who are novice to winter hill walking, mountaineering, and climbing, or for those wanting to get current good practice.

Glenmore Lodge: Level 2: This course gives an advanced understanding of current avalanche aware guidelines, in order to inform route choice decisions in complex terrain.


Snow sports courses in association with Glenmore Lodge

The Alpine Team have identified four courses which are likely to benefit members. The grants available for each course are listed below.  Other Glenmore Lodge courses may be considered for grants on a case by case basis. Members can find detailed information on the Glenmore Lodge website and/or by contacting the AAC(UK) Office.

Develop Off Piste, 3 days – £135 grant (£170 grant YAs)

For those wishing to explore the snow beyond the boundaries of the piste. You will be coached in your skiing and shown how to adapt to the variable nature of off piste snow.


Develop Ski Touring, 2 days – £100 grant (£120 grant YAs)

For those wanting a thorough introduction to ski touring. The aim is to teach whilst on the move, whilst making sure the course balances guiding and instruction. 


Develop Ski Touring, 5 days – £200 grant (£250 YAs)

Mixing guiding and instruction, the course will give you a solid foundation in ski touring.


Avalanche Awareness for Tourers & Freeriders, 2 days – £80 grant (£100 grant YAs)

A must for all Scottish backcountry skiers and boarders, but is also relevant to skiing and boarding in the Alps. 

UK Training Award Grants (external providers)

The AAC(UK) offers grants for Training Awards and training offered by external providers.  For example, if you are registered on any MLTE/MLTS programme, you can apply to the AAC(UK) for a grant for training and assessment.  All mountain skills courses are available to members throughout the year with expressions of interest sought from members.

First Aid Training Award Grants for Organisers and Leaders of Club Activities

Grants are available for first aid training for all Club activity organisers and leaders.  The grant is for a 16 hour, 2-day outdoor NGB (National Governing Body) recognised course (e.g. REC, ITC) and is up to a value of £125.

First aid training is required for leaders of overseas tours, and is encouraged for leaders of day walks, leaders of mountain bike rides and UK meet organisers.




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