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Training Opportunities in the UK

AAC(UK) is providing grants for Winter and Summer training through external providers, as detailed below. Grants are available for members renewing in 2021 and with membership in 2019 and/or 2020. Higher grants are available for young adult (YAs) members (18-24 yrs old at the time of the course). Grants are approx. 33 per cent of the cost of courses (excluding board and accommodation), and approx. 40 per cent for young adults.

Summer Courses

The Alpine team has arranged for separate external providers to deliver the following Summer courses:

Climbing (All But Essential Travel)

The Club has arranged a series of 2-day climbing courses, which will focus on those who wish to gain the essential skills to get started and for those who would like to learn to lead.

Introductory Course: Ratio 1:6 (Day 1), 1:2 (Day 2)

7 – 8 August (Saturday – Sunday), Llanberis, North Wales

25 – 26 September (Saturday – Sunday), Hathersage, Peak District

Location: Peak District or North Wales

Price: £160 pp (£50 grant, YAs £60)


Learn to lead Course: Ratio 1:2

11 – 12 September (Saturday – Sunday), Llanberis, North Wales

2 – 3 October (Saturday – Sunday), Llanberis, North Wales

9 – 10 October (Saturday – Sunday), Hathersage, Peak District

Location: Peak District or Snowdonia

Price: £245 pp (£80 grant, YAs £95 grant)

Please note: members should submit a booking form to the provider and wait until they have a confirmed place before applying to the AAC(UK) Office for a grant. (Grant application form at the top of this page).


UK Training Award Grants (external providers)

The AAC(UK) offers grants for Training Awards offered by external providers. For example, if you are registered on any Mountain Training qualification programme, you can apply to the AAC(UK) for a grant for training and assessment.

First Aid Training Award Grants for Organisers and Leaders of Club Activities

Grants are available for first aid training for all Club activity organisers and leaders.  The grant is for a 16 hour, 2-day outdoor NGB (National Governing Body) recognised course (e.g. REC, ITC) and is up to a value of £125.

First aid training is required for leaders of overseas tours, and is encouraged for leaders of day walks, leaders of mountain bike rides and UK meet organisers.


Climbing, hill and country walking, hiking, scrambling, mountain biking, mountaineering, klettersteig and snow sports (and any other similar activities) (the “Activities”) organised by Austrian Alpine Club (UK) (“AAC(UK)”) are physically challenging and carry risks that AAC(UK) cannot entirely eliminate. These include the risk of personal injury or death. In taking part in the Activities you acknowledge and accept these risks, being responsible for your own actions, involvement, health condition and safety.  All event participants must follow any safety warnings or instructions displayed or given to them by a leader or organiser (and ask a leader or organiser if anything is unclear). In the absence of any breach of duty by AAC(UK), participation in the Activities is entirely at participants’ own risk.

[Updated 07 July 2021]

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