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Alpenverein-Akademie Courses
Winter Training 2019
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Akademie Courses for AAC(UK) Tour Leaders

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The AAC(UK) recognises that climbing, hill and country walking, mountain biking, mountaineering and snow sports are activities with a danger of personal injury or death. Participants in these activities should be aware of and accept these risks, being responsible for their own actions, involvement and safety.
The Club, its officers, Board and Alpine Team members and persons acting on behalf of the Club cannot be held liable for any loss or injury occurring to any participant while taking part in its activities.




These alpine courses are organised for English speaking participants by the Alpenverein-Akademie, which is based at the Alpenvereinshaus, Innsbruck. Details of these courses in English can be found here.

Don’t be put off by the advertised prices as AAC(UK) members with a minimum of 2 years’ continuous membership can obtain a reduction of up to 500€ (TBC – but not more than 50% of course cost) by applying in advance to the AAC(UK) for an Alpine Training Grant.

Young adults, aged 18 to 24 at the time of the course and with a minimum of 2 years’ continuous membership, can obtain a reduction of up to 750€ (TBC – but not more than 75% of course cost). 15 places are reserved for the young adult grants on courses for 2019.  Grants cannot be given to members who are under 18 at the time of a course.

Courses marked ## are now fully booked but enquire about possible vacancies.



Winter Training 2019

January 20 – 26: Basic Off Piste Training, Hotel Lizum1600, Axamer Lizum

Basic Off Piste Training, 2017 – Vesselin Dotchev

Are you an experienced skier, confident on red runs? Our mountain guide teaches you the required techniques and safety aspects to ski off-piste and help you to improve your performance in all snow types. Max 8 per guide.


February 3 – 9: Basic Ski Touring Training, Almi’s Berghotel, Obernberg ##

Basic Ski Touring Training 2018 – Tim Hodkinson

The perfect choice for off-piste skiers to start ski touring! You receive instructions in doing kick turns, safe riding, basic knowledge in avalanche awareness and transceiver work, as well as search and rescue techniques. Max 6 per guide.


February 24 – March 2: Basic Snowshoe Training, Almi’s Berghotel, Obernberg

A Magnificent Day (Snowshoe training 2018) – Allan Hartley

For those who have done regular mountain hiking and are interested in getting into snowshoeing. You receive basic instruction in using snowshoeing equipment, safe ascent and descent with snowshoes, avalanche awareness and transceiver work, as well as search and rescue techniques. Max 8 per guide.


March 17 – 23: Basic Skihochtouren Training, Jamtalhütte, Galtür ##

Basic Skihochtouren 2018 – Natalia Piechowiak

As an experienced ski tourer you learn the basics to attempt ski tours in glacier terrain independently and on your own responsibility. The course content includes basic rope and rescue techniques for glacier tours in high altitudes. Max 5 per guide.




Summer Training 2019

Courses marked ## are now fully booked but enquire about possible vacancies.

July 14 – 20: Basic Alpine Skills Training, Braunschweigerhütte, Mittelberg

Basic Alpine Skills 2018 – Shona Howie

This course is designed for fit hill walkers and suitable for those who are interested in a solid foundation for mountaineering. You will practice the basics to move safely on rock and ice and learn about rescue techniques for glacier travel. 5 per guide (2 groups, 5 places reserved for Young Adults.)


August 11-17: Basic Klettersteige Skills Training, Weissbach bei Lofer ##

Group on Erlspitze – Uliana Kuzmisand

For those who have good hiking experience and are new to Klettersteige (via ferrata). You will receive instruction about equipment, technique and tactics on via ferrata, preparing you to attempt Klettersteige tours independently. Stay in comfort near the town.  5 per guide.

Group on Steingrubenkogel – Uliana Kuzmisand





Details of the different types of Tour leader courses are outlined below, together with the application process for each. If you are approved for any of these courses, the course costs will be met by the AAC(UK). For more information about the courses, click on the course titles below. The course content can be found under the tab ‘Inhalte’ whilst the skills and experience can be found under the tab ‘Voraussetzungen’.

If you wish to speak to someone about the Get Ready or Übungsleiter Courses before applying, contact the relevant Head of Discipline.

For Update courses, or any other courses, contact the office on

Get Ready Courses for Aspiring AAC(UK) Tour Leaders

Get Ready Courses are preparation courses organised by the Alpenverein-Akademie for those who want to organise and lead tours on a voluntary basis. These are not assessment courses, but prepare candidates for the skills needed for the Übungsleiter course.

January 20 – 24: Get Ready: Snowshoe, Almi’s Berghotel, Obernberg

This course prepares fairly experienced snowshoers for the Übungsleiter snowshoe trekking course. 6 places


February 26 – March 2: Get Ready: Ski Touring, Hotel Lizum1600, Axamer Lizum

This course prepares fairly experienced ski tourers for a future Übungsleiter ski touring course. 6 places.


Übungsleiter Assessment Courses for AAC(UK) Tour Leaders

Übungsleiter Courses are assessment courses organised by the Alpenverein-Akademie for those who want to organise and lead tours on a voluntary basis. The emphasis is on refining and assessing the skill sets that candidates already have, with a particular focus on leadership and safety. This is particularly important for the Skihochtouren and Hochtouren awards, both of which require competence in rope techniques. Candidates are expected to have plenty of Alpine mountain experience.

February 3 – 7: Übungsleiter Snowshoe Trekking, Almi’s Berghotel,  Obernberg ##

For those interested in leading snowshoe tours. The techniques of snowshoeing, walking and slipping are the central training issues. Additional contents will be avalanche awareness and ‘stop or go’ strategy. 6 places.


March 9 – 13: Übungsleiter Ski Touring, Almi’s Berghotel, Obernberg ##

For aspirant ski tour leaders over non-glaciated terrain. With the correct application of ‘stop or go’ strategy and the ‘notfall lawine’ procedure, you minimize risk when leading ski touring groups. 6 places.


June 16 – 20: Übungsleiter Mountain Walking (Bergwandern), Hämmermoosalm, Leutasch

For those interested in leading general walking tours. You will be trained in how to familiarise groups with topics like surefootedness, balance and fitness in a methodical and skilled way, and gain an intensive first aid course. 8 places.


September 16 – 20: Übungsleiter: Mountain Biking, JUFA Hotel Wipptal, Steinach

For those interested in leading mountain bike tours. You will learn to plan tours safely and in an environment-friendly way.  Riding  techniques and equipment are also focal points of this course. 6 places



Update courses for AAC(UK) tour leaders

Update courses are organised by the Alpenverein-Akademie and are designed for those with an Übunglsleiter qualification, which needs to be updated every 4 years.


February 14 – 17: Update Skitour (hut to hut), Stubai Alps

A challenging winter theme where you learn how to plan and implement multi-day ski touring traverses. Staying at Dortmunder, Schweinfurter and Pforzheimer huts. Max 6 per guide.



April 18 – 21:  Update Skihochtour (hut to hut), Venediger Group

The masterclass in ski mountaineering where you are challenged both physically and mentally. Staying at Essener-Rostocker, Kürsinger and Neue Prager huts. Max 5 per guide.



August 8-11:  Update Black Path & Alpine Routes, Pfeishutte, Innsbruck

Managing abandoned trails in difficult conditions, such as wet or old snowfields, can quickly get you into trouble on a mountain hike. What means can you use to ensure the safety of the group, what assistance can you offer to uncertain members of the group? Recommendations and tips from our professionals for an adventurous and accident-free Alpine Club Tour.


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