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Jacky Brown


Diana Rayner (Acting Chairman)
Tim Morley (Vice-Chairman, & IT)
Nigel Phipps (Treasurer)
Mark Adams (Climate, & Expedition Fund)
Janet Britnell (Bundesausschuss, Talks, Southern Walks, & Hut Fund)
Liam Collins (IT, Finance)
Tony Cooper (Nature Protection)
Mike Garrett (IT)
Alex Gymer (Activities)
Kevin Thomas (Activities, & Comms)
Simon Walters
Meetings Secretary: Bella Hughes

Activities Team

Alex Gymer (Co-Chair, & UK & Europe training)
Nigel Phipps (Co-Chair)
Christopher Loy (Secretary, & Day Walks)
Nick Harris
Gerry Kenny (Ski-ing)
Matt Nobles (Trekking & snowshoeing)
Stefania Rosso (Sustainability)
Kevin Thomas (Europe meets & tours)
Damian Tow (Mountain biking)
Tish Woulds and Steve Woollard (UK Meets)
Cat Mittins (Office)

Finance Group

Nigel Phipps (Chair)
Liam Collins
Emily Foster (Office)

[IT sub-group] Tim Morley (Chair)
Liam Collins
Nigel Phipps
Mark Ryder (High Peaks)
Mike Garrett

Comms Group

Kevin Thomas (Chair)
Diana Rayner (Volunteers)
Janet Britnell (Talks)
Kate Isaak (Newsletter)
Nayeli Urquiza (E-news)
Laura Campbell (Office)
Jessica Peer (Office)

Risk Management Committee

Diana Rayner (Chair)
Gerry Kenny
Stefania Rosso
Cat Mittins (Office)

Austrian Alpine Club (UK) Office

Mark Ryder – Director of High Peaks Ltd
Catherine Mittins (Cat) – Office Manager
Laura Campbell – Web Content Editor
Emily Foster – Accounts –
Jessica Peer – IT & Social Media –

Unit 43, Glenmore Business Park, Blackhill Road, Holton Heath, Poole BH16 6NL
Phone: +44 (0) 01929 556 870
Email: for general office queries.

If you wish to contact someone whose e-mail address is not given above, please send your message to the Office which will forward it to the appropriate person.

Austrian Alpine Club (UK) Limited, registered in England and Wales, registered number 09772805.Registered office: Unit 43, Glenmore Business Park, Blackhill Road, Holton Heath, Poole, Dorset, BH16 6NL.
VAT registration number 209 2377 12


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