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MENOC – Members Events Not Organised by the Club

In most cases the events appearing in the Newsletter Calendar, and on the website, are official Club events.  However the Club offers members the opportunity to advertise certain events that they organise themselves, but which the Club would not ordinarily choose to run as an official Club event.  Such events will fall into one of the following categories:

Events that are not packages but involve commitment to expensive accommodation.

Events that are packages as defined by the Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements Regulations 2018 (PHR).

Members intending to participate in these non-Club events must accept that any arrangement is between them and the organiser of the proposed event, not with AAC(UK).  When such an event is arranged through, and monies paid to a tour operator, the tour operator is the organiser, not the member initiating the event. If the event is a package within the definition of the Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements Regulations 2018 (PHR), AAC(UK) recommends that such an organiser should be a PHR-compliant tour operator and, if appropriate, ATOL bonded (where a UK tour operator includes air travel in the package).

AAC(UK) cannot vouch for the validity of any information provided for these events.  Nevertheless, members wishing to invite other members to join them on specific events by advertising in this section of the Calendar should send their Calendar entry, and a copy of the information they will be supplying to enquirers (this is purely to check that the Club’s name is not misused), to the 

If you wish to organise a MENOC please read the MENOC protocol.

For meets and tours that are within the Club’s official programme, please see Meets and Tours – in the UK or Meets and Tours – overseas

Tours marked ## are now fully booked but enquire about possible vacancies.

Non-Club Events in 2021

May 6 – 14: Sail-to-Ski in Kamchatka

Spend 6 days on the legendary remote peninsula, shredding the slopes of a pristine bay with your friends while based on a comfy motorboat. Witness the sunrise over the ocean then ski down to the coast with an active volcano in view and finish the day paddling in a kayak near seals, sea otters and marine birds at the sunset! During an optional 2-day extension, ski safely into the crater of an active volcano getting up there on a mighty 6WD monster truck.

Costs: €2460 p/p excluding cheaper-than-you-think airfare. Discounts for couples and groups, no initial deposit to book your place.

Sunrise -Andrey Golovachev


July 11 – 24:  Volcanoes of Kamchatka: trekking around Tolbachik

Immerse into pristine nature during 8 days of self-contained trekking and wild camping among the volcanoes of the Kamchatka peninsula, Russia, at the heart of a UNESCO World Heritage national park. Witness surreal volcanic landscapes from the top of an active volcano and observe the wildlife. 

Costs: €1660 excluding cheaper-than-you-think airfare and an optional sea cruise, no initial deposit to book your place. 

See Fiona Turner’s account of our trip in 2019 on

Kamchatka – Andrey Golovachev


August 8 – 18: Light trekking in Ergaki national park, the ‘Siberian Yosemite’

Explore a compact yet spectacular mountain range in Siberia with gigantic needle-shaped granite peaks soaring above tranquil lakes, jagged mountain cirques, crystal clear streams, waterfalls and primeval conifer forests. The 7-days trekking itinerary with day hikes from pre-pitched base camps are followed by 2 days of sightseeing in Krasnoyarsk and sailing along the Yenisey river.

Costs: €1260 p/p excluding reasonable airfare, discounts for couples, no initial deposit to book your place.

Ergaki – Valery Vasin


August 28 – September 5: Montafon, Austria

Mountain walking in the Montafon area, generally through alpine meadows with soaring cliffs above and forested slopes below, with summits accessible by walking up slightly more rugged paths, or ascending Klettersteig (via ferrata). In addition there are a couple of easy glaciers in the area, and plenty of rock climbing. Also similar activities in the valley for any bad weather days. Although this trip may not go ahead if circumstances make it impossible, for the moment

Montafon Valley Austria – Chris Adye


October 8 – 26: Langtang, Nepal.

Trekking in the Langtang region, with the option to include attempts at two summits.



March 2022 (dates tbc) : Senior Ski Tour, Wildschoenau, Austria

Third Time Lucky? Senior Ski Tour in Wildschoenau, Austria.  Postponed from 2020, cancelled again in 2021, and hoping to re-organise this week of day tours for 2022. Priority will be given to the patient 8 who were originally booked, but there may be vacancies as the time approaches.


The AAC(UK) recognises that climbing, hill and country walking, mountaineering, mountain biking and snow sports are activities with a danger of personal injury or death; Participants in these activities should be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their own actions, involvement and safety; they should take care to only participate in activities that are within their own abilities, fitness and experience, and for which they have the appropriate clothing and equipment.

The Club, its officers, Board and Alpine Team members and persons acting on behalf of the Club cannot be held liable for any loss or injury occurring to any participant while taking part in these non-Club activities.

[Updated 20 April 2021]

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