Risk Management and Safety

AAC(UK) Safety Contacts

If you have a safety concern please contact the AAC(UK) Office.

Incident reporting

If you are involved in an incident or a near miss then please complete an incident report and forward it to the AAC(UK) Office. Please ensure that this is done within three days of the incident where possible, or as soon as possible thereafter.

It is only by reporting incidents and near misses that the AAC(UK) can understand and learn from what is happening. It is only by learning from incidents that the AAC(UK) can introduce additional barriers and controls to reduce the future probability that incidents occur and reduce the severity of any future injuries.

External Expert Organisations / Awarding bodies for qualifications

The AAC(UK) relies on the safety protocols of a number of external expert training providers / awarding bodies for qualifications. Members looking for further details of the main external organisations and the relevant qualifications should refer to their websites:

Risk Management Committee

The aim of the Risk Management Committee is to promote a positive safety culture throughout the AAC(UK). Safety Culture is based upon: communication, trust, shared perception of safety, shared perception of risk, confidence in the risk management protocols, promoting education and qualifications for members, being vigilant of safety and risk management issues, the basis that members are responsible for their own safety, and promotion of safety culture versus specific safety rules.


[Updated 25 June 2019]

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