View your personal data, and renew your membership

You can view your own personal data and renew your membership online.  To do this, you need your own personal “My.Britannia account”.

When you register, to verify your identity we will ask you to enter your name exactly as shown on your membership card*, your membership number and your date of birth.  Your email address must be unique.

To register for My.Britannia, click here.

If you already have a My.Britannia account, click here.

If you are the “lead person” within your household, then using your “My.Britannia account” you can renew memberships within your household.  If it becomes appropriate for someone else to become “lead person”, then contact the AAC(UK) Office.  They can reassign the “lead person”.

* Note: First name: If your membership card shows for example ‘Mr John Smith’ then enter ‘John’;  If it shows ‘Mr John David Smith’ then enter ‘John David’. If you no longer have your card but have two first names, then enter the first name alone, then if that fails try with both. If you are still having problems then contact the Office.

Troubleshooting when registering for a My.Britannia acccount

I cannot register for an account.  Make sure you are registering with My.Britannia and not mein.alpenverein

My email address is incorrect.  Your email address must be unique. Check that no one else in your household has already registered using it.

I cannot add my membership number.  When adding membership numbers do not add the section reference 992- as it’s already present, just add the 6 digits that follow.

I haven’t received a confirmation email.  Check your email junk/spam folder, just in case it has been filtered into there.

[Updated 19 October 2021]

Become A Member FOR 2021

2021 Membership is available now!

2021 Membership will be valid from midnight (UK time) on the day of processing up to 31 December 2021.

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