Say NO to the plan to build on glaciers of the Pitztal and the Ötztal

Linker Fernerkogel – Vincent Sufiyan

Petition started by Gerd Estermann

To the Federal government of Tirol

The project, linking the glacier ski-areas Pitztal and Ötztal, is a massive intervention into the high alpine character ofTirol.  Particularly at this time of climate change and shrinking of glaciers, we must do everything we can to maintain what is left of this ancient landscape.

The measures that are planned go far beyond the mere linking up of facilities but envisage the development of three glaciers which so far have remained untouched.

The project has already reached the stage of its environmental impact being tested and is thus already worryingly advanced.  It it came to fruition, the traffic situation in the Ötztal would become even worse.

The Citizens’ Initiative Feldring demands of the government of the Federal State of Tirol that it puts a halt to this project immediately, and in this it is supported by WWF Austria, the ÖAV and the Naturfreunde Austria (Naturfreunde.

  • Salient figures concerning this gigantic project:
  • 000 cubic metres of concrete will be needed
  • more than 750.000 cubic metres of rock, soil and ice will be blasted off and have to be moved away
  • the area permanently used up would equal that of more than 116 football pitches
  • three cable cars/chair lifts
  • there will be a three-storeyed cable car centre with more than 15.000 square meters of floor space
  • restaurants and bars that can cater for 1.600 guests
  • a tunnel suitable for wheeled traffic, 600 m long, 7 m diameter
  • a tarmaced reservoir covering 104.000 square metres
  • 72 hectares of established glacier will be levelled out, or covered by soil/rock, or removed
  • a ridge of the Linker Fernerkogel will be blasted off, robbing it of 40 metres of altitude and 120.000 cubic metres of volume

There must be no agreement by the government of the Federal State of Tirol to this irresponsible intervention into nature.  “HANDS OFF OUR GLACIERS!”

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Why is this so important?

Glaciers are a relict going back to the ice ages and an impressive part of high alpine scenery.  They represent a highly sensitive ecosystem and are a valuable reserve of drinking water for huge areas of the country.  In view of their terrifyingly fast shrinkage in the last few decades the protection of those glacier areas which so far have been allowed to retain their natural state must be granted absolute top priority.

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Instructions for signing

If you wish to sign, the prodedure is exactly as it is if we in GB sign a petition aimed at Parliament.

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If you scroll down further on the petition page, you find some pictures.  Here follow the captions, starting with the one where a ridge is coloured pink:

This mountain peak east of the Linker Fernerkogel is to be blasted away, all 120.00 cubic metres of it), its height reduced by nearly 40m, in order to make space for a cable car/ski lift station.

Next photo down:

A third of the glaciated area of Austria is to be found in the Ötztaler Alpen.  The area of the project contains three glaciers that have so far not been touched: Karlesferner, Hangender Ferner and Mittelbergferner.  The Mittelbergferner is the fifth-largest glacier in Austria.  All three glaciers are now threatened by the same fate: to end up as ski pistes.  Photo WWF

Next photo down:

So far this glacier tongue has escaped mass tourism.  That could soon change if those pushing for the project get their way.  Photo WWF

Finally the pair of photos. the second one with lots of red markings, presumably the planned pistes: the first photo is marked “heute” = today, the second one “morgen?” = tomorrow? …


[Updated 30 October 2019]

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