Membership 2020

Membership of AAC(UK) – ÖAV Sektion Britannia for 2020

Before applying please note: 

  1. Membership applications cannot be taken over the phone.  Please use the link below to apply on-line or use the postal application form.
  2. Membership for 2020 is valid until 31 December 2020. Memberships expire automatically and must be renewed each year.  We do not currently offer a Direct Debit service.
  3. Please complete the application form in full.  We apologise that we are unable to pre-populate the form at present.  Thank you for your understanding.
  4. You will receive a confirmation email once your application has been processed. Please check any junk or spam folders for our reply before contacting the AAC(UK) Office.
  5. If you are travelling soon please complete the travel date field on the application form to prioritise your application.

Please ensure that you scroll down and read the following information relating to membership:

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  2020 Membership Category Definition Category Name Membership
  Born 1956 – 1992 Full adult A £57.00
  Spouse/partner of category A, SEN, JUN or FM member Spouse/partner B £44.00
  Born 1955 or earlier Senior adult SEN £44.00
  Born 1956 and were a member in 2019 with membership category Senior Adult (Special). If you are in this age range but were not a member in category Senior Adult (Special) in 2019, then your category will be A, ie Full adult. Senior adult (Special) SEN £44.00
  Born 1993 – 2001 Junior adult JUN £44.00
  Born 2002 or later Child/Youth KD-JG  £24.00
  Children in Two Parent Family: If both parents are AAC(UK) members (first parent as category A, JUN or SEN, second parent as category B) their children born in 2002 or later can receive free membership if their full details are provided. Child/Youth KD-JG Free
  Children in a Single Parent Family: If a bona fide single parent with custody of the child(ren) is an AAC(UK) member (as category A, JUN or SEN) then his/her children born in 2002 or later can receive free membership if their full details are provided. Not available to families with two parents where one parent is not a member. Any false declaration of eligibility may invalidate their insurance cover.
Child/Youth KD-JG
  Born 1950 or earlier and awarded a 50 year badge for continuous membership. To qualify for the FM membership fee, you must apply for the badge before or when you renew your membership. Loyal member FM £10.00
  Born 1951 – 1956 and were a member in 2019 with membership category Loyal Member (Special). If you are in this age range but were not a member in category Loyal Member Special in 2019, then your category will be SEN. Loyal member (Special) FM £10.00

Online payments & payment gateway - Pay360
AAC(UK) uses Pay360 to process credit and debit card payments securely. 

If paying by cheque, please make payable to “Austrian Alpine Club (UK) Limited”: please use this name exactly.

Articles of Association and Bye-Laws

All AAC(UK) members are subject to the AAC(UK) Articles of Association and Bye-Laws, which have been updated following resolutions approved at the EGM in November 2019.  In addition there are Standing Orders which were updated by the Directors in September 2019.

Please see our Privacy Notice to comply with GDPR.

AAC(UK) is a Limited Company

Beginning with membership year 2017, AAC(UK) is a Private Company Limited by Guarantee – with no share capital.  It is a “not-for-profit” organisation.

However, all adult members (ie excluding those in membership category KD-JG – see table above) will be “company members” (as well as being “club members”).  Adult members must guarantee to pay up to £1 in the event that the company is wound up while he or she is a member, or within one year after he or she ceases to be a member.

Company members are entitled to vote at AGMs etc.  By UK law, AAC(UK) must send each company member individually all “company documents” (eg the agenda for AGMs).  When joining or renewing, please agree to receive such documents by email.  Unless you do so, AAC(UK) must send these documents to you by post, which will add to the Club’s postage and printing costs.

Family Membership

Membership cards will be issued for each member of the family and show individual membership categories. Children’s cards should be signed by a parent or guardian.

Long Membership Badges

Members who have been in continuous membership of the ÖAV/AAC(UK) for 25, 40, 50, 60, or 70 years qualify for an honorary badge at each of these milestones. If you believe that you qualify for any of these badges please notify the AAC(UK) Office.

The Membership Year

2020 Membership is valid until 31 December 2020. Membership begins at 00.00 hours GMT (aka UTC) on the day after the membership application is processed by the AAC(UK) Office.

However, insurance cover extends until 31 January 2021, but note that, if you have to make a claim for a January incident, you must renew your membership for 2021 by 31 January 2021.

Once membership cards have been issued to members, members can use those cards and receive the associated benefits.  Neither AAC(UK) nor the ÖAV is organised in such a way that membership can subsequently be terminated in mid-year.  Therefore, once membership cards have been issued by the AAC(UK) Office, it is not possible to cancel membership or obtain a refund of the membership fee.  Any cancellation request must be in writing or by email to the AAC(UK) Office prior to the issue of membership card(s).

Insurance – Click for link

Membership of AAC(UK) / ÖAV includes some insurance cover as part of the Alpenverein Worldwide Service (AWS). A description of the AWS insurance cover can be downloaded from this page. NB this insurance cover is primarily for mountain rescue – it is NOT comprehensive travel insurance. You should read the description carefully and then decide whether it is appropriate to your needs. You might wish to take out additional insurance to meet all your requirements.

Members who live in Europe may also purchase the KNOX Premium Single Trip Cover  – See AWS Rescue & Repatriation Insurance for details; there is also a link which defines the countries within ‘Europe’.

If you have membership for 2020, insurance cover in January 2021 will not be valid unless membership is renewed before the end of January 2021.

AAC(UK) Hut Fund – Click for link

The ÖAV Mountain Huts belong to individual ÖAV sections. Despite many hours of work by volunteers and thousands of Euros from central ÖAV funds and Austrian federal and provincial government grants, the sections themselves must find large sums for hut maintenance and modernisation, and to meet health and safety and environmental requirements.  The difficult access and high altitude of many of the huts adds to the cost of the work.

Based so far from the Alps, Sektion Britannia [ie AAC(UK)] does not own any huts, nor does it have a ‘work area’ with responsibility for waymarking and path maintenance. Instead, we have a Hut Fund, to which members have contributed generously over the years, and we hope you will continue the tradition. The donations we make to help individual Sections with a particular project are much appreciated by those sections.

AAC(UK) Expedition Fund – Click for link

Donations to this Fund enable our section to help finance expeditions by AAC(UK) members.  The fund is very small and only small grants can be made.  Details of how to apply and of the expeditions which have benefited can be seen by clicking on the above link.

Membership Application Form for 2020

Please apply using the on-line application form.  Click the link below.

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[Updated 02 December 2019]

Become A Member FOR 2020

2020 Membership is valid from midnight (UK time) on the day of processing up to 31 December 2020.

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