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Austria, its Mountains and Huts

[ Osterreichischer Alpenverein ] (OeAV) The Austrian Alpine Federation, of which our own Club is a Section

[ Austria’s 3,000 m summits (in German) ] Cataloged by mountain region, published by the OeAV

[ Austrian Alpine Huts ( in English ) ] Published by the OeAV

[ Austrian National Tourist Office ( in English) ] With links to all of the local/regional tourist offices throughout Austria

Public transport within Austria:

[ Austrian Railway On-Line Route Planner ( in English )] Integrating trains and buses

[ ÖBB VORTEILS Card ] (in English) giving 50% reduction on ÖBB network for a year

[ Public Transport to and from Austrian Airports ( in English )]

[ Austrian Railpass Information ( in English )]

[ Austrian Post-Bus Service ( in English )]

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