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Why are meets deposits non-refundable in case of cancellation?

Many of our meets are very popular and places are filled very quickly. If meets deposits were refundable there would be nothing to deter members from booking places early on the off-chance that they might wish to attend, knowing that they can cancel at the last minute without it costing them anything.

Are there no circumstances when meets deposits might be refunded?

Yes, but only if the cancelled place can be filled by another member.

When are the alpine huts open? And how do I contact them? How do I book them? Can we have a booking form?

Please see the Alpine Hut Information page.

What is the weather like in Austria at this moment?

On our Mountain Weather Forecasts page there are links to several good mountain weather websites.

How do I order items listed on the website?

Please phone or email the AAC(UK) Office identifying the item(s), and the method of payment. Alternatively, please print, complete and post the Web Order Form. Never quote credit card details in an email. Please note that our sales items may be purchased only by members, and membership numbers must be provided and are checked.

What if my question is not in this list or any of the other lists available?

Please contact the AAC(UK) Office, and we will do our best to answer it.

[Updated 25 July 2018]

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