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Articles written by Members for tours that have taken place beyond Europe. Click on the links below to see recent articles:






John Muir trail – At the finish on Mount Whitney – Nathalie Vriend

Kamchatka 2019 – Group shot with leader Andrey Golovachev kneeling – Cedric Christie

‘Mission complete!’ Kyrgstan 2018

Dagala Lakes View from Jomo summit – Carrie Polhill

The First Ascent of Korlang Pari Tippa – The team

The author and new Maroccan friends on Toubkals Summit – Stewart Carrie

John Muir trail – Eaten alive by JMT monster – Nathalie Vriend

Kamchatka 2019 – Classic view of Kamchatka – Andrey Golovachev

A long way from the piste in Fernie. British Columbia – John Langridge

View of Nilkanth looking down (east) the Panpatia Glacier – Susan Jensen

On Point Lenana, Mount Kenya – Fiona Turner

The Team at the summit of Karbu Ri 6,010m Nepal – Brian Jackson

[Updated 28 April 2020]

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