AAC(UK) Expedition Fund

The AAC (UK) distributes funding to mountaineering expeditions run by its members if it considers such expeditions to be relevant to the Club’s aims and of a worthwhile nature. This funding has been entirely donated by our members for this specific purpose.  We are particularly keen to support small independent expeditions run and composed of younger members in the early stages of their mountaineering careers.

There are various rules for expedition grants:

  1. The expedition applicant must be a member before submitting the application and only those expedition members who are AAC(UK) members in the year in which the expedition takes place will qualify for a grant. Normally, we would expect people to have at least one year’s previous membership to preclude membership which has been taken solely to obtain expedition funds and Club insurance.
  2. Grants are allocated on a per person basis and are unlikely to exceed £150 per person.
  3. A member can only qualify for one grant per year.
  4. The expedition budget must show how much each member plans to contribute to expedition expenses.
  5. Grants will only be awarded to expeditions which can show a worthwhile contribution to mountaineering, new or pioneering routes, sporting, environmental or scientific aims. These are likely to be for the Greater Ranges or isolated areas.
  6. Expeditions must be organised by Club members themselves and we cannot consider any expeditions which are organised by a commercial operator (except for support from local agents in the destination country).
  7. It is important that you comply with the current regulations of the countries you propose to visit. These may include payment of peak fees, the insurance and equipping of porters, the employment of a Liaison Office and the deposit of environmental, customs and rescue bonds. It is a condition of receiving an AAC grant that all political requirements are satisfied.
  8. If an expedition is cancelled, any grants paid must be returned.
  9. If an expedition is postponed to another year (eg because of injury or political considerations), any grants paid must be returned and a new application submitted.
  10. If an expedition is postponed to later in the grant year, or there are major changes in the proposed destination/group composition, the Club must be informed so that any grant can be reconsidered.
  11. In return for a grant we expect to receive a report for the Club newsletter (1,000 words with  accompanying jpeg photos not embedded), a longer report for our web site or the presentation of a lecture to the AAC(UK) at one of our regular lecture venues in London and Reading (or possibly at our autumn AGM).  The AAC(UK) grant should also be mentioned in any other publications in which the expedition is featured.

To apply for a Grant see the Expedition Fund and Grants page within the Members’ Only Area.

Previous grants have been made to:


£300     Fitzroy Massif, Patagonia – Jan/Feb
£250     Stauning Alps, Greenland – Apr/May
£300     Denali, USA – May
£400     Cordillera Blance, Peru – May/Jun
£600     British Shimshal Expedtion, Pakistan – Aug/Sep
£500     Upper Rassa Glacier, Ladakh, India – Sep/Oct
£450     British Arjuna expedition, Kishtwar Himal, India – Sep/Oct
£500     Avellano, Patagonia – Dec


£300     Eastern Alaska, Hayes Range, Peak 12360
£900     Eagle Ski Club, Mount Logan, Canada
£600     Northern Alichursky Mountains, Tajikistan
£300     Gangstang, Himachal Pradesh, India
£150     Vishnugarh, Garhwal, India
£400     Rasser Glacier, Nubra, Ladakh, India
£300     Mt Foraker, Alaska
£400     Muz Tok, Kyrgyzstan
£200     Peak Communism, Tajikistan
£400     Peak  6246m, Changla Himal, Nepal


£1,000  Hayes Range – Alaska
£800     Khan Tengri (Tien Shan)
£1,000  Revelations Range – Alaska
£800     Patagonia
£800     Muzkhol Range, Pamir Mountains – Tajikistan
£200     Zanskar – Indian Himalaya


£500     University of Cape Town Mountain & Ski Club expedition to the Garhwal Himalaya
£400     Spiti valley, India
£600     Djangart region of Kyrgyzstan
£600     Tajikistan to an unclimbed 6050m peak in the Muzkol range.


£500     Celestial Mountains of central Asia.


£400     Alpine Club expedition to the Garhwal Himalaya
£500     East Midlands University Officer Training Corps expedition to climb a number of 4000+ metre peaks.

2004 to 2011:

£350     ‘Greenland White Sea Expedition’
£250     ‘Exercise Tasmanian Dragon’
£500     Scottish Huayhuash expedition to Peru
£200     Miyar Nala region of India
£450     Cambridge University Caving Club expedition to the Totes Gebirge
£500     Two-man expedition to Kyrgyzstan.

For expedition reports and articles click here.


[Updated 06 March 2018]

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