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The OeAV Mountain Huts belong to individual sections. Despite thousands of Euros from central OeAV funds and grants from Austrian provincial governments, the sections themselves must find large sums for hut maintenance and modernisation. As well as the high cost of installing and maintaining environmentally friendly waste disposal systems, global warming is having a dire effect on foundations of some of the higher huts – a very costly problem.

Based so far from the Alps, Sektion Britannia [AAC(UK)] does not own any huts, nor does it have a ‘work area’ with responsibility for waymarking and path maintenance. Instead, we have a Hut Fund, to which members have contributed generously over the years, and we hope you will continue the tradition. The donations we make to help individual Sections with a particular project are usually much appreciated by those sections. Donations made in the past include:

  • ATS 250,000 in 1986 to the Hochschober Hütte (Schobergruppe) to help with the costs of rebuilding the hut, burnt down in 1983.
  • ATS 100,000 in 1990 to the Feldner Hütte (Kreuzeckgruppe) to help furbish the rebuilt hut.
  • ATS 100,000 in 1993 to the St Pöltner Hütte (Granatzspitzgruppe) towards renovation work.
  • ATS 100,000 in 1995 to the Lienzer Hütte (Schobergruppe) to help pay for environmentally friendly waste disposal improvements.
  • ATS 800,000 in 1998 to refurbish the Innsbrucker and Franz Senn Hütten (Stubaier Alpen) and to restore two footpaths.
  • ATS 100,000 in 2000 to the Oberwalder Hütte (Glocknergruppe) to help renovation work.
  • € 20,000 in 2005, 2006 to the Muttekopf Hütte (Lechtaler Alpen) to help major remedial work
  • € 10,000 in 2007 to the Admonter Haus (Ennstaler Alpen) for renovation of the kitchen and larder to meet Health and Safety Regulations.
  • € 10.000 in 2007 to the Steinsee Hütte (Lechtaler Alpen) to help install solar heating and two warm showers.
  • €19.000 in 2008 for renovation of the Wildseeloderhaus (Kitzbühler Alpen).
  • €10,000 in 2009 to Sektion Lienz for the refurbishment of the Hochsteinhütte.
  • €10,000 in 2011 to Sektion Austria for the refurbishment of the Guttenberghaus’ goods lift.
  • €10,000 in 2012 to Sektion Hall-in-Tirol for refurbishment of the Glunzeger Hütte and its goods lift.
  • €80,000 in 2013 to Sektion Lungau for the re-building of the Franz-Fischer-Hütte. A significant part of this very large donation was funded from a £50,000 bequest from AAC(UK) member John Murdock, who died in 2011.

In an article in the OeAV magazine, Peter Grauss, the OeAV’s President between 1996 and 2007, quoted his predecessor Professor Luis Oberwalder when he said ‘The Huts are the joy and the burden of the Alpenverein‘, and went on to explain why the recent grant from the Austrian Government was so desperately needed. Most sections are fully committed to their huts but the financial burden of meeting modern standards in isolated spots at high altitude can be considerable particularly for small sections with a few hundred members.

The AAC(UK) Hut Fund is needed more than ever, please contribute to it generously:

Contributions to the Hut Fund can be made when you join or renew your membership

or please send a Cheque or Debit/Credit card payments to the Hut Fund now
c/o AAC(UK) Office! Cheques payable to the ‘Austrian Alpine Club’.

[Updated 26 July 2014]

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