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Alpenverein Maps of the Eastern Alps.

The following 49 maps are available as separate folded paper maps or all together on one DVD. All are 1:25.000 unless marked otherwise. Some come in several versions, some showing footpaths, some showing ski routes, some showing both. The area they depict is shown in this area map.

Sheet Description ———————-Routes depicted——————
2/1         Allgäu-Lechtaler Alpen-West                          Footpaths      
2/2 Allgäu-Lechtaler Alpen-Ost Footpaths    
3/2 Lechtaler Alpen-Arlberggebiet Footpaths    
3/2 Lechtaler Alpen-Arlberggebiet   Ski Routes   
3/3 Lechtaler Alpen-Parseierspitze Foot Paths    
3/4  Lechtaler Alpen-Heiterwand     Both Footpaths and Ski Routes
4/1 Wetterstein-Mieminger Geb.-West Footpaths    
4/2 Wetterstein-Mieminger Geb.-Mitte Footpaths    
4/3 Wetterstein-Mieminger Geb.-Ost Footpaths    
5/1 Karwendelgebirge-West Footpaths   Map is currently unavailable
5/2 Karwendelgebirge-Mitte Footpaths    
5/3 Karwendelgebirge-Ost Footpaths    
6 Rofangebirge Footpaths    
7/1 Tegernsee-Schliersee, Mangfallg.     Both Footpaths and Ski Routes
8 Kaisergebirge     Both Footpaths and Ski Routes
9 Loferer- u. Leoganger Steinberge Footpaths    
10/1 Steinernes Meer     Both Footpaths and Ski Routes
10/2 Hochkönig-Hagengebirge     Both Footpaths and Ski Routes
13 Tennengebirge     New in 2012!
14 Dachsteingebirge     Both Footpaths and Ski Routes
15/1 Totes-Gebirge-West     Both Footpaths and Ski Routes
15/2 Totes-Gebirge-Mitte Footpaths    
15/2 Totes-Gebirge-Mitte   Ski Routes  
15/3 Totes-Gebirge-Ost Footpaths    
16 Ennstaler A. Gesäuseberge Footpaths    
26 Silvrettagruppe Footpaths    
26 Silvrettagruppe   Ski Routes  
28 Verwallgruppe (1:50.000)      
28/2 Verwallgruppe-Mitte Footpaths    
30/1 Ötztaler Alpen-Gurgl Footpaths    
30/1 Ötztaler Alpen-Gurgl   Ski Routes  
30/2 Ötztaler Alpen-Weißkugel Footpaths    
30/2 Ötztaler Alpen-Weißkugel   Ski Routes Map is currently unavailable
30/3 Ötztaler Alpen-Kaunergrat Footpaths    
30/4 Ötztaler Alpen-Nauderer Berge Footpaths    
30/4 Ötztaler Alpen-Nauderer Berge   Ski Routes  
30/5 Ötztaler Alpen-Geigenkamm Footpaths    
30/6 Ötztaler Alpen-Wildspitze Footpaths    
30/6 Ötztaler Alpen-Wildspitze   Ski Routes  
31/1 Stubaier Alpen-Hochstubai Footpaths    
31/1 Stubaier Alpen-Hochstubai   Ski Routes  
31/2 Stubaier Alpen-Sellrain Footpaths    
31/2 Stubaier Alpen-Sellrain   Ski Routes  
31/3 Brennerberge (1:50,000) Footpaths    
31/3 Brennerberge (1:50,000)   Ski Routes  
31/5 Innsbruck und Umgebung (1:50,000) Footpaths    
31/5 Innsbruck und Umgebung (1:50,000)   Ski Routes  
33 Tuxer Alpen (1:50,000) Footpaths    
33 Tuxer Alpen (1:50,000)   Ski Routes  
34/1 Kitzbüheler Alpen-West (1:50,000) Footpaths    
34/1 Kitzbüheler Alpen-West (1:50,000)   Ski Routes  
34/2 Kitzbüheler Alpen-Ost (1:50,000) Footpaths    
34/2 Kitzbüheler Alpen-Ost (1:50,000)   Ski Routes  
35/1 Zillertaler Alpen-West Footpaths   Map is currently unavailable
35/2 Zillertaler Alpen-Mitte Footpaths    
35/3 Zillertaler Alpen-Ost   Ski Routes  
35/3 Zillertaler Alpen-Ost Footpaths    
36 Venedigergruppe Footpaths    
36 Venedigergruppe   Ski Routes  
39 Granatspitzegruppe Footpaths    
39 Granatspitzegruppe   Ski Routes Map is currently unavailable
40 Glocknergruppe Footpaths    
41 Schobergruppe Footpaths   Map is currently unavailable
41 Schobergruppe   Ski Routes Map is currently unavailable
42 Sonnblick Footpaths   Map is currently unavailable
42 Sonnblick   Ski Routes  Map is currently unavailable
44 Hochalmspitze-Ankogel Footpaths    
45/1 Niedere Tauern I Footpaths    
45/2 Niedere Tauern I I Footpaths    
45/3 Niedere Tauern I I I Footpaths    
51 Brentagruppe Footpaths    
52/1 Langkofel-Sellagruppe Footpaths   Both Footpaths and Ski Routes

Full details of the electronic version of these maps are available in the Members’ Area of this Website

Alpenverein Expedition Maps – Greater Mountain Ranges

Sheet               Description                                                        Scale
0/2 Chomolongma – Mt Everest 1:25,000
0/3a Cordillera Blanca-Nord (Peru) 1:100,000
0/3b Cordillera Blanca –Süd (Peru) 1:100,000
0/3c Cordillera Huayuash (Peru)    pub 2007 1:50,000
0/5 Koh-e-Keshnikhan (Afganistan) 1:25,000
0/6 Koh-e-Pamir (Afganistan) 1:50,000
0/6a Darrah-e Issik-E-Bala (glacier map) 1:25,000 Map is currently unavailable
0/6b Ptukh (Flurnutzungskarte) 1:50,000
0/6c Darrah-e-Issik e Payan (veg & geol) 1:25,000
0/6d Pamir-e-Wakhan, Dardistan (geol) 1:250,000 Map is currently unavailable
0/7 Nanga Parbat (Pakistan) 1:50,000 Map is currently unavailable
0/8 Cordillera Real Nord (Bolivia) 1:50,000
0/9 Cordillera Real Süd (Bolivia) 1:50,000
0/10 Langthang Himal, West (Nepal) 1:50,000
0/11 Langthang Himal, Ost (Nepal) 1:50,000
0/12 Hunza Karakorum (Pakistan) 1:100,000
0/13 Nevado Ojos Del Salado (Argentina, Chile) 1:100,000
0/14 Tien Shan, West (Kirgistan) pub July 2006 1:100,000

Alpenverein Publications

Alpenverein Year Book – Berg 2013
This is a collection of superbly illustrated German language articles on a number of themes.

Alpenverein – the city dwellers discover the Alps
An impartial but readable and well illustrated history, in German, of the Alpenverein from its inception as the Oesterreichischer Alpenverein in Vienna in 1862, the merger with Deutsche Alpenverein to form the D.u Oe AV, the development of the huts and the network of paths, to the end of the First World War in 1918.

The journal for risk management in the mountains: covers mountaineering techniques, safety and medical issues. Published in German jointly by the OeAV, DAV and SAC. Four issues per  year.

The OeAV German language magazine. OeAV news and articles on mountaineering topics and on the culture and landscape of the Alps and other mountain areas. Five issues per year.

Alpenverein-Akademie Catalogues
These Catalogues (winter and summer) contain details of many training courses in the Alps as organised by the Alpenverein-Akademie. In German.

Hutting with Children: Family Friendly Hut Booklet
The ‘Mit Kindern auf Hütten’ booklet has details of OeAV, DAV and AVS family friendly huts, chosen for their location and facilities.

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